How To Chargeback On Paypal Friends and Family

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How To Chargeback On Paypal Friends and Family

There are two features when sending funds on paypal. One allows you to send as friends and family while the other other allows you to send funds as goods and services. In this post, I will be answering the questions on “How To Chargeback On Paypal Friends and Family” as lots of paypal users have been seeking answers to this area.

However, before we proceed on acquiring knowledge about how to chargeback on paypal friends and family let’s understand clearly what it means using this two features made available when sending funds.

Understanding PayPal Friends and Family

PayPal friends and family is a feature which paypal made available for those who want to send funds to their relatives abroad. If you want to send paypal money to your friends and families, it’s highly recommended you use the friends and family (Fnf) option..

Unfortunately, This feature aren’t available in many countries paypal accounts such as, Nigeria, UAE, Ghana, Morocco, Lesotho, etc. They only have the feature to send as goods and services (G&S) Which means even when they want to send funds to friends and family, they Will have to use the G&S feature.

PayPal Goods and Services feature

While the fnf feature is suitable when sending funds to friends and families, the goods and services feature is best when it comes to making purchases online because of buyers protection.

Also, you can use this goods and services feature to send funds to untrustworthy clients whom you aren’t sure of their credibilities. That’s because you can easily get your money back if anything comes up.

Advantages of PayPal Goods and services over friends and family payments

The Goods and services simply means you’re paying for an item and as such, paypal gives you the opportunity to get your money back if you didn’t receive what you paid for or aren’t satisfied with the delivered product perhaps because it’s fake and not original.

While the goods and services payments can be chargedBack, unfortunately, the friends and family payment cannot be charged back unless when payments are made from credit cards instead of paypal balance.

Automatically, Payments made as friends and family are irreversible and very risky as most of the online scammers uses this method knowing and understanding how it works, they will ask you to send as friends and family and at the end they will run with your money and there’s nothing you can do about it.

While Paypal goods and services payments attract bigger charges, friends and family payment takes little or no charges depending on the region you are sending payments to.

The PayPal goods and services payments can affect senders and recovers when the problem comes. I will be discussing this in detail when I will write an article titled “How to make money from PayPal Charge back”.

How to chargeback on paypal friends and family

If you happened to send funds to scammers as friends and family, and you want to get your money back through charge back, the only way to do this is complaining to your bank. Automatically, if the payment aren’t made from your card just forget about it as there’s no way to get your money back…

What if you made the payment using the goods and services function? Below is how to go about the chargeback.

How to ChargeBack on paypal goods and services

Login your PayPal account through which you made the payment. scroll to the transaction history page and click on the Transaction you wanna Charge back.

From the next page, Scroll to the end part you will see the resolution center link as shown to Charge back on PayPal

There are many reasons why you may want to Charge Back payments on PayPal. how to Charge back on PayPalSelect the reason behind your Chargeback to to Charge back on PayPal how to Charge back on PayPal

how to Charge back on PayPal

After selecting a reason Behind your Charge Back, PayPal will show up the next page for you to contact your seller.

how to Charge back on PayPal

how to Charge back on PayPal

In your Note Area: You can go like ‘ You are a fraudster please refund my money immediately because you didn’t deliver the goods i paid for.

After that, You can hit the Submit Button.

PayPal will leave the case open for 2 to 3days reminding your seller to go resolve the issue. If the seller cannot resolve the issue with you, then PayPal will have to interfere by refunding the money back to you. This may take upto 20days to be completed.

In a case like this, even when the scammer have spent the funds, paypal will credit you from their own wallet and place negative balance on the scammers account pending when he receive any payment. Paypal will then deduct their money till it’s done and only then will the negative balance be removed.

If you are still searching for how to chargeback on paypal friends and family. Am sure the above inscription gives the answer to you query.

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